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tv   Fox 45 Early Edition  FOX  October 18, 2011 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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county boy, whose mother was y - coming back to maryland. joel d. mith is here now to show us how the search for williaammcquain has sent poliie all the way to north carolina in opes of finding patrice, this search is now making national news as pnvestiiators try to ffnd william mcquain of germantown. he's been missing now foo about 2 weeks. we want to
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show you now hoo this earch has uufolded. it started in germantoon, where jane mcquain was found dead last wednesday in her home. ááááááááááá her car was missing,,and immediately police sent out an amber alert for herrson, william mcquain.&p &pfound in north carolina thursday morning at a hotel in charlotte. there, william's step faaher, curtis lopez was arresteddand takee into custody.ááááááááááá áaccording to a warrant station, in that hotel room, police found a credit card belonging to jane mcquain.... nine 110 dollar bills, a bookbag and a purse. áááááááááá thee over the last few days the invvstiiation has returnee to police have been in clarksburg, wwth search dogs in the woods behind an mpty office building, hoping for a clue. then yesterday, police moved to another locaaionnbehind an office complex near i270. nothing has turned up yet, but police seem determined to
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pontinue their search in this area. neighbors are trying to keep their hopes up. iq: oh my god it just brraks my heartoq: and not in the lopez spent time in prison before. in daaphin county pennsylvvnia, 1987-2000 after being convicted f a violent crime. a friend of jaae mcquain says in recent weeks she was scared of what lopez might do. lopee has waved his extradition hearing, so he could be returned to but police insist, day no what's more important than that, is finding william . the search cootinues thhss morning... for he person who killed n 18-year old... reported missing missingnats of vigil
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family and friends gathered last night to remember ryan jjckson... who had been missing ince wednesday... after going to visit an aquantance.poliic believe hh was killed at a home on rambo court.... but his body wws discovereddsaturday in a city dumping ground .his family is wanted to kill the teen... especially since his fiancee &pis due to give birthhbirth too his first son next weee. fox45 spoke to one of the men living at the house on rambo &pcourt... wheee jackson is believed to havv been killed. detectivessfound blood on the the man says he wasn't home at thh time f tte murdee... and doesn't want to be identified. "blood, everrwhere, i was &psick, in my apartment" of course jackson'' family wants closure their son's killer brought to
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justice. "you need to turn yourself in, regardless of what happened to my son, or whatever he was involved inn doesn't give another person tt take someonee else's life life currently, no one has been arrested. a teenager is recovering thiss morning, after being flown to johns hopkins peddatrics.the persoo was hit by a car t the intersection of liberr road &pand old court road in randallstown it happened about 7 o clock its a very wide... very busy .. thh child ssffered serious injuriesno word on the child's condition. a baltimooe pasttr who pled puilty to conspirinn to killing a disabled man for his insurance policies... will spend the rest of his life in p. prison.kevin pushia was sentenceddmonday... for the
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2009 deatt of lemuel wallace. his body was found in leakin wallace killed in order to cash in on several insurance him ... his ttorney's say the sentence of life plus 40 years is too harsh. 10:33:15 i don't think the sentence was comensurate with the part that he playee given the level of cooperaaion. he did everytting the state asked of him... accepted full ressonsibilitt for his part. two men uspected of carrying out the murder were tried this state lawmakers return to annapolis today ffr a special session on coogressional redistricting... and a plan to try to create more jobs. jobs.governor o'malley says unnecessary rules rom thee sttte'' regulatory process. lawmakkrs wiil hold a hearing this week on other ways the state can spur job growth. (governor) "and the intent here s to find regulations we can reform, any duplicate
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regulations we can elimiiate &psooas tt spark fasttr job cre" creation."the ggvernor wants to submit several job-related policc inncalifornia are releasing the 9-1-1 calls... from a mass shootiig at a hair salon ast week. week.8 people werr killed... after the husband of air sttlist... allegedly ame in shooting... because he was &pupset ooer a custody dispute. caller: there's a shooting att salon meritage(butted to) caller: you gotta hurry up he's still shootingop: ok, listencaaler: are all the doors locked? ....are all our doors lockkd?op: ann how many shots did you hear?caller: he's still shooting right now! he's still shooting right now. the suspect... scottt dekraai... is charged with eight counns of first-degree murder.prosecutors plln to we're now hearing the chilling
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accounts... from the mentally disabled victims... held philadelphia basement.the four victims were found looked up... without food or we let you listen in... we want to warn you... some viewers may find this difficult to watch. she hittme with a bbt in my bleeding and was real dirty of you, that was wrong. the suspect in this case... 50-year-old linda weston... is a convicted murderer.two otherr wwre arrested in connection to this case.she's been arrested for kidnapppng and assault.the victiis claim they were maniiulated by social security information... to collect their of the victims says he mmt her through an online daaing website... and quickly realized eston didn't care a michigan man is facing charges... after uuing his 9- pear-old daughter... as a designated driver.
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3&surveellance video captures the father getting out of the passenger seat... mmments she seems to be aving some . trouble parking nnxt to the gas pumps.once nside... he brags bout being drunk... and having his littte girl to chaperone him around.minutes later... they get back innthe car... onlyythis time... calling 9-1-1. "just watched a van pull out of the citgo gas stationn a girl is driving it and her dad is drunk and he's in the ppssenger". "is the vehhcle staying on tte road?""she's driving pretty good. 'm telling you, i can't believe it". several charges.he's currently out of jail... ann told not to have ann ccntact with his daughter. why did a bear go into like the start f a joke... ndd was far from it.a small bear cub somehow made itt way
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to sample some fresh fruit. a brave customerrmanaged to outside. nimal experts say it's very unusual this time of year to see aacub aal py itself... and the mother wasn't seen anywhere nearby. coming up on the early edition... economicprotesss here are small... compared to what's going on abrood.the reason why viooence in greece could e in the states. to come... here - states.
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coming upp.. things are tame here... compared to others paats of the world... 3 the conditions it would turn our occupy protests...into a violent protests... like the one in &pgreecc. ((bump oot)) ((break 2)) -3 thhse 'occupy wall street'
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protests could be tame compared to much larger and more organized protests in the future.that's what some experts predict ... áifá tough times conninue in this volatill jeff barnd reports....we onll have too look toward greeceeas an exampl. example...of the combinatton of pressure and protests. broll: ny warning ats 03-05nats i am ordering you too leave this roadway.broll: ny wwarningprotests against banks and wall street money...natss pausebroll: ny warning aa&exploded in new yorka and gained support naaionwide this fall.broll: nyyprotests -- use this broll unner the next three soundbitesnats pause morici 4:59-5:00 - overlay on protest videosot thh u.s is playing with dynamitt.tanner 4:52-4:55 - overlay on protest viddosot we are headed toward what.morici 5:00-5:02 - overlay oo protest videosot the u.s. government is not
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functioning well.broll: cnn greecc filebut these protests are small in nummbe and scrope greecea& aacountry that saw inn more than 70-ttousnd people riot in march.anothee 30- thousand in junea& with countllss other protests all year.thousaads hurt.hundreds arrested.the counnry at a standstilllnats pauseis -this- outrage, ffghting aad anger where we're headed?morici 4:50-4:58sot america haa a histtry of outrage spilling out into protests. we have seen ittduring the depression &pand we could see it again. tanner 2:31-2:41sot i don't think amerrcaas are in the social issues and even foreign policy has fallee off the table. they want jobs. theyy &pwant the economy to grow. troubles are many.nats pause the standard of living for the averrgg greek has plummeted. nats pausewhy?broll: greece 1 nats pausemassive government debta&extreme tax hikesa&& paa and pension cutsa&.massive job cutsa&. bloated government making up 40% of tte economyasocial programs in crisisa&
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apausee... does -all of this- sound familiar?tanner burninggdown the cities aa d least yeta but we are seeing a lot of people on both sides of issuesstaking to the streets. so, cerrainly it cculd have the potential to get out of hand.broll: panats: all day a& all night.for he uusa troubles are mounting.a 14-trillion dollar national debta&unemployment more than 9 pecent for over two yearsa broll: la protests.fears of even more layoffsasalary and pay freezesaa weak u-s dollara&ann a political system thattgrinds to a halt with bi-partisan bickering. a&..economist peter morici. mooici 5:02-5:18sot the administraaion is washington is nnt dealing forth rightly with america's structural economic policies and as a consequences, the failure. and when that failure arrives, americans will be outrages and i would not be surpriseddtoo see streets.broll: new orleans stuggles among americans and greeks may be homes to heir governmenta&cats capiala 6:35-6:39sot so much of the financial system ttere is buiit on government deet and it's very similar here.broll: new orleansaanalyst mark calabria believes there's a key difference: many protesting greeks want -more- government support and intervention.not so herea& and government want -more- -protes many there's a ey calabria believes a&analyst mark brool: new orleans &pa&analyst mark calabrra
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believes herees a key difference: many protesting greeks want -more- government support and intervention.not so herea yet.cats 7:26-7:34 sot oddly enough for americans, the real differencee protests and riots eem to be more on the part of people who want to shrink government or whooare concerned about it. broll: pabut as people worry about whereetheenext paychecka& or the next mmal comes from, theeclimate is apt tt change.mooici 4:15-4:17sst it's getting bad and it's going to get woose.broll: more new yorkaut even morrci ticking, there's still time --3 for the u-s to correct its &pcourse.i'm jeff barnd coming up next in spoots... sports...even thoughhthe ravens won over the texans... &pthe beginning of the game wasn'' ppetty.what john difficulties concerning the e red onn offenss. ((break 3)) 3 coming up in our 6 o'clock
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hour... we sit down in an exclusive two part á llveá interview with mildred mmhammedd.. the ex wife of the d-c sniper... uppabout her life with him... and speaks about hee new book coming out. out. anddin charlotte,,they found the car of a murdered maayyand woman... with her estranged husband. but what was found in his hotel roomm might be even more incriminating. i'm joel d. smith, that's next, plus the latest on the earch for her missing 11 year old son.
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